liz2I was born and raised in Burritt’s Rapids, Ontario, Canada – a tiny rural community of ridiculously quaint proportions.  After school, I felt the need to travel.  I lived in France for a while and then spent almost 2 decades in England, living in that wondrous city of London with a job that sent me all over Europe.  By the end of the naughties, I had amassed some baggage:  one husband from the homeland, two British kiddos, a career in Children’s Book Publishing and quite a bit of furniture.  Then the thing I said would never happen happened:  we upped sticks and moved to Asia. Wait, what? I used to roll my eyes at those people who got ‘lost in Asia’ and never came back.  No way was I going to become one of those saddos.  Well, here I am coming up on a decade in Hong Kong, and I’m not sad at all.  

I’m a global citizen, a Librarian, an advocate of literacy, a mother to two messy teenage boys, an expat, a wife, and a compulsive writer. I constantly feel the need to record little moments in the day, the ones I want to remember because real life is so much more amusing than fiction.  We all have those moments, and it helps to share.

This is a collection of those stories and thoughts as I muddle my way through the little complexities of life in a foreign city, pulling my children through it as I go.

Oh, and there was that RV trip across America in 2016.  But what happens in the camper, stays in the camper – or you can check out The Archives.

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